So I’ve decided to dust off my English Degree and start a blog about a variety of things, all relating to the world of animal welfare. I have always been a keen supporter of this issue, however in the past year, this has changed from being something of an interest to a full-time career. On a personal note, I would say that I am on a journey of living my life in a way that minimises suffering through the personal choices I make. Animals are a huge part of the majority of human lives, from the companion animals we live with, to those used for food, clothes, or entertainment purposes. When you think about it, it’s difficult to go anywhere without seeing something that has used an animal in some way. The animals that I have been lucky enough to share my home with have always been a hugely important part of my life, so I now aim to extend my compassion as I learn about the different types of animal suffering all over the world. In the past year I have discovered so many new interests, places and people which have proved to be only some of the benefits of keeping an open mind.


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