The World of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

As a consumer, I had been so caught up with checking that the food I was buying was animal-friendly, I completely forgot that we live in a world where animals are used for plenty of other things aswell. So recently I began to look into something I hadn't thought too much about before, animals tested … Continue reading The World of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics


Fostering our Feline Friends

For this month's edition of local magazine, 'The Rayleigh Review', I wrote about the inspiring work my local rescue organisation 'Cats Protection' are doing. I visited a foster home where volunteer Christine was looking after a mother cat and her kittens. I felt proud of how the local fosterers are dedicating their time and effort … Continue reading Fostering our Feline Friends

Toronto Pig Save – Bearing Witness

I decided to write about an organisation called Toronto Pig Save because, well to be honest I haven't really stopped thinking about it since I saw one of their videos on YouTube. You can view it here. I'm helpless towards cute pig pictures, normally involving bright green grass, sunshine, and the pigs looking adorably happy. … Continue reading Toronto Pig Save – Bearing Witness