What’s the Price of a Life?

On a search for a new lead for my dog Alfie, today I ended up at my local aquatics centre. I didn’t think too much about it before entering, but when I was inside I couldn’t help but feel sad. It was like a big grey cloud just came over me, and nothing felt quite right. I was left with one strong question:

What’s the price of a life?

So this blog isn’t about answering a question, but merely to ask it. ‘Buy one, get one free‘ ‘50% off‘. These are all signs we’d expect to see at the supermarket, but seeing them on the cages of living animals?

If I can leave you with one message from this experience, it would be never to ‘buy’ animals. There are a huge number of companion animals in shelters that are desperate for a loving home. And as for the other kinds of animals that might be on sale, the ones whose native country is the other side of world? I’m sorry we have done this to you.







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