Lisa The Vegetarian is 20!

A huge Happy Birthday to The Simpsons episode ‘Lisa The Vegetarian’, which was first aired in the United States twenty years ago today!

The moment Lisa Simpson makes the link between animals and the meat on her plate is something that vegetarians and vegans around the world can relate to. For me, it was whilst eating a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal at eleven years old. It’s a great thing when rejecting meat is portrayed in such a popular TV show, and no doubt has influenced many people to do the same.

Twenty years on, and the animal rights movement has had some incredible achievements. It is now much easier to live completely meat-free, with new products being released all the time, and the information surrounding meat production becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore. The cruelties of the dairy and egg industry have also been exposed in so many different ways, so my question is – is Lisa Simpson now vegan? This would be the logical step, and she is pretty smart…

Here’s some pictures of the famous moment Lisa Simpson made the connection, and even got to meet Paul and Linda McCartney! Enjoy!





lisa 2


2 thoughts on “Lisa The Vegetarian is 20!

  1. I remember this episode as a kid and I remember feeling so guilty about eating meat and it made me kinda uncomfortable. I’ve now been Veggie a month and i’m hopefully going to become Vegan very soon πŸ’•


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