Why Vegan Quorn is ‘Kindof a Big Deal’

So recently the news was released that popular vegetarian brand Quorn are (finally!) making products that are 100% vegan. To meat-eaters, this probably won’t seem very important at all, but actually one step for Quorn is great news for vegans!

In my vegetarian days, I used to love Quorn products. The brand has expanded even more in the last few years and now there’s hardly any meat products that don’t have their own Quorn equivalent. But after making the transition from vegetarian to vegan, one of the most annoying things was that Quorn wasn’t suitable for vegans due to the fact that all products contain a small amount of egg white, and most use milk too. Luckily, there’s so many other vegan meat substitute products on the market, it doesn’t take long to completely forget about Quorn altogether. That was until they came up with the idea of making vegan products.

Quorn are now officially back in my life! I found the Vegan Quorn Pieces at my local Waitrose store yesterday, and was pleased that they were even on special offer. The only downside was that they were in amongst the regular Quorn Pieces, so I had to rummage through to find that glorious green ‘vegan’ sign.


I’m well aware that some people are highly sceptical about the new Quorn vegan range. Admittedly, it is incredibly disappointing that Quorn aren’t a completely vegan brand, but I think it’s important to see this for what it is – a step in the right direction.

I used the Vegan Quorn Pieces to make a curry last night, and thought they were delicious! And strangely enough, hardly any different from what I remember the regular Quorn Pieces used to taste like. My hope is that if making their products vegan is so easy, why not make everything vegan? The current Quorn products on sale, which are the pieces and Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers, will also be available in Asda from October 31st, and there are plans for the range to expand further, so more vegan Quorn products are on the way!

The reason that Quorn has made this change is because they have seen ‘a real shift in the number of consumers choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle‘. Quorn has finally listened to the people, and the release of these new products that are completely free of animal ingredients is definitely a positive thing.

For more vegan recipe ideas, like these tasty vegan nachos, visit www.quorn.co.uk
For more vegan recipe ideas, like these tasty vegan nachos, visit http://www.quorn.co.uk

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