e.l.f. Vegan & Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Review part 2 – Eyes

So following on from my first review of their foundation and powder, I thought I’d try out a few more e.l.f. products (vegan and cruelty-free). Today I’m going to review the Natural Lash Kit on sale in the U.K. for just £2.00 a pair!

Now I don’t often wear false eyelashes myself anymore as I’ve always found them a little annoying, and I think you have to have quite a bit of patience with them… and I’m normally in a rush to get ready. But I thought I’d give these a try because a) like all e.l.f. products they are completely vegan and cruelty-free and b) at only £2.00, it would be silly not to, right? I should mention that as all e.l.f. products are from the U.S. you need to allow a couple of weeks for delivery – so don’t go ordering them on a Friday expecting them to arrive for a Saturday night out, it won’t happen.

So I was pretty happy and actually pleasantly surprised when I removed them from the packaging. I’m definitely more one for the natural look, and although they’re called ‘Natural Lashes’, I was still a little sceptic about what I would be faced with. Thankfully, they are just that – a little longer and fuller than my own, which was exactly what I wanted.


The downside? Well this takes me back to when I used to wear false eyelashes every week as part  of my ‘going out out’ routine – the glue was terrible. After about three times trying to get them on with the accompanied glue, I finally gave up and decided to try something else. But this isn’t just a flaw with e.l.f. eyelashes, every single eyelash glue I’ve tried has been exactly the same. It makes you wonder if there’s any point including it with the lashes? Thankfully, I had my trusty duo eyelash glue which really is a must for any false eyelashes (and it’s also vegan – hooray!). You can find this for a reasonable price on sites such as lookfantastic. Trust me, it’s well worth buying, and just takes the stress away from applying false eyelashes.

Overall, I was really happy with the eyelashes. I felt they achieved a really natural look, and seemed much less effort than spending ages re-applying my mascara to add a little more volume to my own lashes. They were also perfectly comfortable, and didn’t aggravate my eyes or contact lenses at all. The only downside was the glue, but with vegan duo glue – problem solved! And for the price too, I definitely would recommend them as an excellent, cruelty-free product. Thumbs up!

Are there any other vegan, cruelty-free false lashes on the market that are worth trying out? Let me know your thoughts! 🙂



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