Animal Liberation Tattoo at London Vegan Tattoo Studio

On Saturday, I had my first ever tattoo. I looked around and found that some tattoo inks contain animal by-products, so I needed to make sure I went somewhere that used vegan ink. But then I thought, what better place to get a vegan tattoo then London’s one and only vegan tattoo studio?

Fifth Dimension in Shoreditch, London, is exactly that, and it’s great that you can relax knowing that all the products used in the studio are 100% vegan.

Unfortunately, a lot of tattoo inks contain animal by-products. These are found in the glycerine, which is made with animal fat, and some inks even contain elements ofย bone char. Gross. For more information, check out this article from The Dodo. Luckily, there are a lot of animal-friendly inks out there, such as StarBriteย which you can ask for at a tattoo studio, or just choose a completely vegan studio.

Tattoo by Miran, Fifth Dimension.

I’d wanted this particular tattoo for about a year after coming across the symbol online, then felt even more tempted after visiting LA Ink on my trip to California, which I wrote about here. It means ‘Animal Liberation – Human Liberation’, and as I couldn’t decide which animal to get tattooed on me, I decided to get something that represents them all. Although animal exploitation is something that is still happening all around us, all the time, there are also lots of great changes happening for animals currently. This symbol means being a part of this change, and represents the hope that animals will not have to suffer in the future, as they are now.



Vegan tattoos are also a great talking point to spread the word about animal rights. Have you got any?


16 thoughts on “Animal Liberation Tattoo at London Vegan Tattoo Studio

  1. Great placement of your tattoo. It’s not just the ink. They also need to use a razor with no lubrication strip and vegan transfer paper.
    I’m getting my first vegan tattoo since becoming vegan and also has a vegan them. Going to the famous Scapegoat in Portland. It’s going to be a fork ankle bracelet with words for the Liberation Pledge (Liberation Pledge)

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