A New Future for Colombia’s Only Animal Sanctuary

A few months ago, I wrote about the heart-warming story of Juliana's Animal Sanctuary for Your Daily Vegan. Owner Juliana has been on quite a journey, and one thing that is impossible to ignore is her sheer dedication to rescue and care for animals in need. You can view my article about Juliana's inspiring journey here. https://youtu.be/GSnFg04_yQoContinue reading A New Future for Colombia’s Only Animal Sanctuary

Supermarket Sweep – Tesco’s New Vegan Range

So I don't normally blog about supermarkets because, well, I just think there are probably more interesting things in life. But when you're vegan, it's weird how even the smallest thing like the prospect of dairy-free garlic dough balls can seem so exciting! When I was in California, I swore by WholeFoods, it was like … Continue reading Supermarket Sweep – Tesco’s New Vegan Range

Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Vegan Trainers

Yet another way living vegan by no means involves missing out on anything - trainers! There are several high-quality brands that sell products which involve zero harm to animals...because who wants to have that on their conscience when they're buying a new pair of shoes?! One of my particular favourites is the Vans 'Off The … Continue reading Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Vegan Trainers