Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Vegan Trainers

Yet another way living vegan by no means involves missing out on anything – trainers! There are several high-quality brands that sell products which involve zero harm to animals…because who wants to have that on their conscience when they’re buying a new pair of shoes?! One of my particular favourites is the Vans ‘Off The Wall’ collection.


I got these Vans ‘Off The Wall’ trainers in Covent Garden¬†this weekend. I asked which trainers were vegan and the staff were really helpful. It turns out most of the trainers are vegan, there’s just a few of the skater-type ones that use animal derivatives in the glue. Always ask to double check your chosen pair are vegan-friendly though.


I’m happy that as well as making comfortable, stylish and long-lasting trainers, Vans are also an ethical brand with plenty of vegan options. Another brand that shows just how easy it is to live cruelty-free. Thanks for being awesome, Vans! Shop Vans here.



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