Essex Pig Save & Animal Equality Outreach Event

On Sunday 28th August, Essex Pig Save and Animal Equality joined forces to show the people of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, the truth behind animal agriculture.


Essex Pig Save have held a number of successful vigils over the past few months, I wrote about the first one outside Cheale Meats in Brentwood here. The aim of the group is to bear witness to pigs on their final journey to the slaughterhouse, and promote a vegan lifestyle so that in the future, innocent pigs will not have to endure such a cruel and unnecessary fate.

Animal Equality were on hand with virtual reality headsets, where people viewed 360 degree footage of the life of a pig at a factory farm. The reaction from the public who viewed the footage was very inspiring. People of all ages took on the challenge to open their minds by putting themselves in somebody else’s shoes.

Engrossed in factory farm footage.
The aftermath.

Essex Pig Save were handing out leaflets with more information, and many people seemed to be eager to find out more. I had some great conversations with people who were vegetarian, but hadn’t thought about the implications that the egg and dairy industry has for animals. Others hadn’t really thought about the treatment of animals in factory farms very much before, but were open to what we were doing and took some information away to consider.

Watch the footage, get a free vegan cake…great deal!

Overall, it was a very successful day, and it was great to be able to talk to people about what Essex Pig Save are doing. Slaughterhouses are often hidden in secret, so it’s important that we shine a line and let people know what actually goes on.

The next Essex Pig Save vigil will be on the 14th September, with special guest Bite Size Vegan, who I interviewed prior to attending her first ever vigil with Toronto Pig Save here. Find out more about Bite Size Vegan’s UK travels here.

N.B.: The vigils are open to absolutely everyone, check out the Essex Pig Save Facebook Page to find out more about bearing witness to beautiful animals.


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