Vegan, Cruelty-Free Hair Dye That’s GOOD for Your Hair?!

…does such a thing exist?! Well it turns out, yes it does!

Continuing my journey into the world of vegan and cruelty-free beauty, it has definitely been a learning curve so far. Almost exactly a year ago, I posted my first blog about cruelty-free cosmetics (check out ‘The World of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics’) and since then I’ve talked about some of favourite brands, including Superdrug’s B Range and Kat Von D Beauty (just arrived for sale in the UK!). But one thing I’ve never talked about before, is vegan hair-dye.

Now granted, this was mostly because I was pretty skeptical that such a thing even existed. So I put off dying my hair for so long, but when I felt like it needed a little bit of a lift, I did some research, and this was the brand I went for…


Tints of Nature…ever heard of them? Me neither! But the good news is they are available online at a price pretty similar to all those hair dyes you would find on the high street. Check out their website here.

Now, the thing that’s extra great about Tints of Nature is not only is it completely vegan and cruelty-free, all the ingredients are completely organic. With no ammonia and a non GMO formula that promises not to damage your hair like all the harsh chemicals you would normally find in hair dye. Too good to be true? I thought it might be, so I opted for a semi-permanent colour just to be safe.


This Medium Chestnut Brown (Semi-Permanent) colour even comes ready mixed so there’s even less to do than with the usual high street hair dyes! It also didn’t smell of…well strong chemicals really! The whole dying process was a lot less messy. I was also surprised that it covered the leftover bleach at the end of my hair from when I had ombre highlights put in ages ago. Here’s the finished result…


Tints of Nature gets a thumbs up from me, how nice is it to know that the production of your hair dye has not harmed any beautiful animals? Next time I might go a little braver and try a dark red!


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