Goonies never say die! Film trip to Astoria and Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

HEYYYYY YOUUUU GUYYYYS! A few days ago I wrote ’12 ways to have the BEST time vegan in Portland, Oregon, USA’ and I wanted to make a separate blog about my favourite day from this whole trip, which was to Astoria and Cannon Beach!

You can do this by public transport, but the buses aren’t too frequent (just a couple a day) so definitely check the times first. But you can get a bus from Union Station in Portland and it will take you to Astoria (mine had a short stop on the way).

This is the ultimate getaway for film lovers! SO many great movies were filmed in the Astoria/Cannon Beach area or include the famous Astoria-Kegler Bridge. Some (but certainly not all) of these movies include:

  • The Goonies
  • Twilight
  • Point Break
  • Kindergarten Cop
  • Free Willy
  • Short Circuit

…and lots more!

When you see the Astoria-Kegler Bridge, its likely you may recognise it from popping up in a lot of films.


If you are travelling by public transport, probably the best thing to do is to arrive the night before (it takes just under 3 hours from Portland) and get up early to fit everything in the next day. I stayed at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn which was central to everything in Astoria. Plus, this was the view…


On my first evening, I managed to find some great vegan food at an Indian restaurant in Astoria. This was Himani Indian Cuisine, and there were plenty of vegan options on the menu, plus the staff here were really lovely.


The next morning, I was excited to start my day in Astoria and Cannon Beach! But first, breakfast. I found the nicest restaurant which had a bunch of great vegan options, called Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe. I’d definitely recommend the breakfast here, plus it’s a great place to sit and people watch, to soak up some of the Astoria good-ness (it really does feel like you’re in another world here).



My first stop after breakfast was the Oregon Film Museum! I absolutely loved this place. It’s located at Clasp County Jail and is where they film the opening jail break scene from The Goonies. It’s really fun to walk around here and learn about the different movies that were filmed nearby, plus there’s a lot of really cool stuff to buy. It’s also a really unique place that you feel like you want to support and hope it stays open forever.



I then wanted to carry on my Goonies experience, so after having a wander round the town centre (which is also really cool with a lot of one-off shops), I made my way to the Goonies house. On the way, I stopped at the Sea Lion Docks where I was lucky to see (and hear) some sea lions who were just chilling out, so I left them to it. At other times, though, this place is completely swarmed with sea lions.


Only a short walk from here was the Goondocks! The house is up the top of a hill, and unfortunately you can’t get too close as it’s on private property – but still close enough to see it.

IMG_9362 2.jpg

Next, I made my way back to Astoria Transit Centre and caught a bus out to Cannon Beach, which took just under an hour. It dropped me off at ‘Midtown’ which was just a five minute walk to the beach. As I approached, I could see the peak of one of the rocks that I instantly recognised from a few films. I must admit, for the ‘wow’ factor you only get every now and then, this was the most impressive beach I’ve ever visited, it really is one of a kind.




I made sure I stayed for the sunset to catch Cannon Beach in all its wonderful glory.


Scenes from The Goonies and Point Break were filmed here. The ‘La Push’ beach from Twilight was actually filmed at Indian Beach, which is just a short drive up from Cannon Beach towards the town ‘Seaside’ (or about an hour and a half walk). Guess I’ll just have to endure it… (couldn’t resist a Twilight quote, too).

As for vegan options in the Cannon Beach area, they was a pretty hard find. The best I could do was a salad at one of the restaurants. But it wasn’t too long to get back to Downtown Portland, so I more than made up for it there.

Overall, this was one of my favourite days travelling I’ve ever had. Coming to an area that I had already seen so much on screen just got me so pumped to see it in real life. There is a certain vibe about Astoria and Cannon Beach where you feel you are a million miles away from the rest of the world. If you go to Portland, I really would recommend taking a day to come here. Amazing.



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