10 times 2019 has already been ‘The Year of the Vegan’

It’s no secret that veganism has steadily been on the rise in the UK. It has become a frequent topic of conversation, a regular feature in the news, and still wins the award for initiating the most awkward dinner conversations, causing an instant divide. However, nobody could predict the absolute chaos that has been cast … Continue reading 10 times 2019 has already been ‘The Year of the Vegan’


Animal Liberation Tattoo at London Vegan Tattoo Studio

On Saturday, I had my first ever tattoo. I looked around and found that some tattoo inks contain animal by-products, so I needed to make sure I went somewhere that used vegan ink. But then I thought, what better place to get a vegan tattoo then London's one and only vegan tattoo studio? Fifth Dimension … Continue reading Animal Liberation Tattoo at London Vegan Tattoo Studio

What’s the Price of a Life?

On a search for a new lead for my dog Alfie, today I ended up at my local aquatics centre. I didn't think too much about it before entering, but when I was inside I couldn't help but feel sad. It was like a big grey cloud just came over me, and nothing felt quite … Continue reading What’s the Price of a Life?

Fostering our Feline Friends

For this month's edition of local magazine, 'The Rayleigh Review', I wrote about the inspiring work my local rescue organisation 'Cats Protection' are doing. I visited a foster home where volunteer Christine was looking after a mother cat and her kittens. I felt proud of how the local fosterers are dedicating their time and effort … Continue reading Fostering our Feline Friends

Cecil The Lion – A Closer Look

So I've just returned home from holiday, and have been confronted with so much media coverage about the death of Cecil The Lion. Cecil was killed by American dentist Walter Palmer who is said to have paid $50,000 to kill her as part of a trophy hunt. Obviously this is heartbreaking and I've never agreed … Continue reading Cecil The Lion – A Closer Look

Cruel Tradition Finally Ended!

Today marks a fantastic day for animal rights! The Gadhimai Animal-Slaughter Festival in Nepal has finally decided to stop all animal sacrifices and end such a horrific tradition. This is a great result not only for the festival, but it also shows how people are starting to see that just because something is a tradition … Continue reading Cruel Tradition Finally Ended!

Vegan Food and Beer…The Ultimate Combo!

I booked tickets for London Vegan Beer Fest weeks ago, purely based on the fact that it was hosted by Fat Gay Vegan and involved vegan food. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. LVBF took place on Saturday 18th July at the Camden Centre, King's Cross. Having never attended a beer fest before, let alone a … Continue reading Vegan Food and Beer…The Ultimate Combo!

My Response

Today I read a letter in my local newspaper slamming animal rights protesters for being too vocal. Here is my full response (I had to attempt to shorten it to 250 words). It made sense to tie this in with the amazing news that same-sex marriage is now legal in the whole of the United … Continue reading My Response