The world eagerly anticipate the final court hearing where Canadian activist may face a prison sentence for feeding water to dehydrated pigs

On Thursday 4th May, a case that has gained global media attention and caused worldwide debate for almost two years will finally draw to a close as Anita Krajnc, Co-Founder of Toronto Pig Save, will have her final court hearing in Burlington, Canada.

The trial will begin at 9am at the Burlington Court House, with an all-day vigil starting at 7am at Fearmans ‘Pork’ inc. Several groups will also be holding solidarity vigils worldwide to show unity with the message that compassion is not a crime.

Ms Krajnc was charged with criminal mischief in June 2015 after feeding water to dehydrated pigs in a transportation truck, bound for slaughter. Please see ‘The Crime: Compassion’ video of the incident that led to the charges here. She faces a potential six month prison sentence, and $5,000 fine. At the most recent trial on March 9th, Judge Harris said he needed more time to issue the verdict.

The case has attracted global media coverage, and the defence put together by Ms Krajnc’s lawyers James Silver and Gary Grill, both vegan, has put the animal agriculture industry on trial.

The defence shows people that pigs are persons, not property and that Ms Krajnc’s actions were adhering to ‘The Golden Rule’ – treat others as you wish to be treated.
‘Anita is acting in the public good,’ Mr Grill told a packed courtroom. ‘Though pigs are not recognized as persons under law, they have the same capacity to suffer as humans. It is clear that the public has an interest in fostering the good actions of others.’


Virtual reality footage showing typical treatment of pigs in factory farms has also been used together with evidence showing how sentient and self-aware pigs are from leading scientists.

‘Pigs have individual personalities. They’re also one of the few species that can recognise themselves in a mirror. They have self-awareness, self-agency and have a sense of themselves within the social community. Each one is a unique individual.’ said Lori Marino, a Neuroscientist who testified at the Pig Trial on November 1st 2016.

Toronto Pig Save started in 2011 and began a wider network known as The Save Movement in which groups from around the world join together to bear witness to animals arriving in transportation trucks at slaughterhouses. There are now more than 130 groups worldwide, including in North and South America, Europe and Asia.


The public are encouraged to show support via social media by using the hashtags #pigtrial and #compassionisnotacrime. You can also pledge your support by joining the #pigtrial Thunderclap here.

The Save Movement are aiming for #pigtrial and #compassionisnotacrime to be trending worldwide, sharing the story of the trial as widely as possible. Please join us to spread the message!



Fearmans ‘Pork’ Show No Mercy for Pigs – Tragedy in Canada

Yesterday in Burlington, Canada, a terrible tragedy occurred when a truck transporting pigs to slaughter at Fearmans ‘Pork’ overturned. What happened next has left people around the world completely heartbroken.

Activists from Toronto Pig Save rushed to the scene where the truck was, just outside Fearmans slaughterhouse. From live video streams on social media, the employees of the slaughterhouse can be seen trying to cover up what was happening with sheets of cardboard. But it was clear to see that there were dead and injured pigs from this completely traumatising event. Fearmans ‘Pork’ slaughters 10,000 pigs every single day, so you would think they would spare the lives of these innocent victims, right?


Unfortunately, this proved not to be the case. Fearmans employees actually rounded up the survivors of the attack and took them into the slaughterhouse, where they would be killed in a gas chamber. In the Fearmans car park, the employees can be seen using the sheets of cardboard to herd the pigs into the slaughterhouse…you can’t make this stuff up! For the survivors, this would have been the first time in their lives that they felt the sunshine on their backs or the grass on their feet. Having survived such a traumatising accident where some of their friends had died, the innocent animals seemed to have no idea of the hellhole they were about to enter.


There were also pigs that were unable to walk and collapsed outside, near the truck. Along with the activists, Steve Jenkins, father of Esther the Wonder Pig, was present and was eager to take the pigs to his sanctuary. These pigs that can no longer walk are what the industry call ‘downed’ animals, and no profit can be made from them by selling their bodies as meat. So what is it to them if a sanctuary takes a couple of downed animals that would be no use to them anyway? Activists begged for the slaughterhouse to show mercy to these poor pigs, but Fearmans showed absolutely none and killed them on the spot. The photograph below shows one pig comforting his downed companion, before being marched to his own death.


Anita Krajnc, Co-Founder of Toronto Pig Save, who is currently on trial for ‘criminal mischief’ after feeding water to a dehydrated pig (read all about it here) was arrested at the scene. Understandably, emotions were running high and people were trying to document this completely surreal and heartbreaking event. Police dragged Anita from the scene and into a police car. After her release, she organised an all-night vigil at Fearmans, to pay respect to the animals who were involved in this terrible tragedy, and to the animals that continue to suffer unbearable cruelty every single day, all for human greed.


Having visited this exact location in the summer where I got to bear witness to pigs heading for slaughter, I found watching this live, as it happened, completely unfathomable. And to think that the bodies of these poor souls are now on their way to Canada supermarkets to be sold and eaten. I urge you to watch the videos on Toronto Pig Save’s Facebook Page and consider this – is this the sort of industry you want to support? Animals are being killed for food every second of the day, but establishments such as Fearmans ‘Pork’ do all they can to keep it hidden. With incidents such as this, they can’t hide what they’re doing.

Now you know the truth – what will you do about it?


Get Informed:

Toronto Pig Save Facebook Page

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‘Compassion’ Tattoo at Los Angeles Vegan Tattoo Studio

So I’m back from six weeks of travelling Canada and the States, and it was pretty awesome! There are so many highlights which I’ll be writing about over the coming weeks, but one of the things I’m super happy about is finding an all-vegan tattoo studio in Los Angeles!


Monocle Tattoo is owned by James Spooner and based in North Fairfax Avenue, LA. Even though I was staying in Venice Beach where tattoo shops were on every corner, I wanted to have my tattoo done somewhere that was completely free from animal products. I can’t think of anything worse going into my skin and staying there forever! People don’t often realise that a lot of inks used in tattoo shops aren’t vegan – but luckily there are alternatives. You can either contact your chosen tattoo shop to see if they can use vegan ink, or just choose somewhere completely vegan like I did.

I had my first tattoo done a few months ago, which was a symbol for animal liberation, at an all-vegan tattoo studio in London which you can read about here. For my next one, I wanted something to symbolise my time travelling, during which I got to work with the incredible group Toronto Pig Save and attend save vigils. I also spent a lot of time with Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save co-founder, who was about to go on trial for feeding water to a pig dying of dehydration. You can read about the outcome of this trial here. So the word ‘compassion’ seemed pretty relevant to this, and also something that has become central to my life since becoming vegan.


Cesar Hernandez did my ‘compassion’ tattoo, and I love it!

So if you’re travelling to Los Angeles and are thinking about getting a tattoo, I would definitely recommend Monocle! Great artists and 100% cruelty-free. Check out their website here.


Compassion is not a Crime – Toronto Pig Save Co-Founder’s Trial



I had the amazing opportunity to visit Toronto a few weeks ago and be part of the Toronto Save vigils. I’ll be writing more about this soon, but as I’m still on my travels, I just want to briefly let everyone know about a really important trial coming up.

Anita Krajnc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, and will be going on trial on Wednesday 24th and Tuesday 25th August for giving water to dehydrated pigs on their way to slaughter last July. For this act of compassion, Anita now faces up to 6 months in prison and a $5,000 dollar fine.

Why is this important?

Supporting Anita and Toronto Pig Save during this trial is crucial to spread the important message that compassion is not a crime. It’s also a great opportunity to inform others about the Save movement, which is continuing to grow as vigils are currently being set up across the world, including in my home county of Essex in England, which has already set up a series of successful vigils so far.

Who are Toronto Pig Save?

Toronto Pig Save shed light over the harsh reality of animal agriculture. The group expose slaughterhouses that try to keep hidden, and the final journey that innocent animals are forced to endure before they are killed for meat.

What Anita did that day, and what the save movement stands for, is all about showing compassion for animals that have been seen as simply commodities their whole lives. Buying meat and animal products means you are paying for this to happen. In a world that has done so much wrong, all that can now be done for these beautiful animals is to show them compassion in their final moments, and to spread the vegan message so that in the future other animals will not have to be part of such a cruel and horrific industry.


I’ll be covering this trial as it happens, but for now please stand with Anita and Toronto Pig Save, and do all you can to spread the word that compassion is not a crime.

Use the following hashtags to voice your support on social media:






Find out more!

Attending save vigils is a really powerful way to show compassion for exploited animals, Check out the following links to find out more about Toronto Pig Save, Anita’s trial and my own personal experience at Essex Pig Save:

Stand with Anita! Toronto Pig Save co-founder punished for helping thirsty pigs

I’ve neglected my blog a little over the past few weeks due to taking five of my exams for the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. But during this time, there was one news story that I’ve found completely baffling, and a reminder of the long journey animal rights has to come in the court of law.

Anita Krajnc is the co-founder of Canada-based organisation Toronto Pig Save. I was lucky enough to talk to Anita a few months ago, for my blog ‘Toronto Pig Save – Bearing Witness’, including an interview with Bite Size Vegan. It’s an incredible organisation and one of my favourites, I’m currently planning a trip to Canada next year when I will take part in a vigil.

Toronto Pig Save really are on the front line of the animal rights movement, meeting animals that are soon to become products of the meat industry. You can view the video of the moment that led to the arrest here. At a time when people are fully aware of how much hate there is in the world, how can someone giving water to thirsty pigs as they make their journey to slaughter warrant 10 years in prison?

Anita and Toronto Pig Save need your support more than ever. Please spread the word about Toronto Pig Save – the work they are doing is so important in showing people what buying meat really means.

Compassion is not a crime.



Toronto Pig Save – Bearing Witness

I decided to write about an organisation called Toronto Pig Save because, well to be honest I haven’t really stopped thinking about it since I saw one of their videos on YouTube. You can view it here.


I’m helpless towards cute pig pictures, normally involving bright green grass, sunshine, and the pigs looking adorably happy. Toronto Pig Save, however, shows pigs in a very different light; they show the harsh reality that the vast majority of pigs are living in today. This couldn’t be further from our fairytale vision of pigs – the green grass has been replaced with a dirty, grey truck containing sometimes hundreds of terrified pigs that are cramped together with little space to move. The sunshine has been replaced with darkness inside the truck, with small holes of light coming through. The happiness has been replaced with sheer terror, as they make their final journey to slaughterhouses which can kill up to 10,000 pigs a day.


So what do Toronto Pig Save actually do? Well, they go to the destinations that the trucks containing the pigs will be passing through, and when the truck stops they provide the pigs with water and watermelon to keep them hydrated, some in heat waves up to 45 degrees celsius outside the truck, inside obviously much hotter. The conditions that the pigs are forced to endure are unbearable, with pigs showing common signs of heat stroke; heavy panting, lack of co-ordination, weakness, vomiting and even unconsciousness. But what they actually do, is so much more.


Toronto Pig Save bear witness – they look into the eyes of the pigs inside the trucks. There are so many stories of people that have attended vigils who have had a life changing experience, by having eye contact with a pig as they make their way to slaughter. These terrified pigs who have been viewed as simply a commodity throughout their entire lives are looked upon as living beings with feelings and emotions, for the first time. They feel love and compassion from those taking part in the vigil, and bearing witness to their final struggle. At this stage, this is really all anyone can do for these animals, and to just work towards a world where future generations of them won’t have to go through the same thing.


As well as this, they document what is a daily operation for these trucks destined for the slaughterhouse. Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian,” which implies that if people really knew the truth about the meat industry, they would refrain from paying towards it. This is what Toronto Pig Save does. It shows the pigs bred for meat in the final part of their horrific lives, that the industry has tried so hard to hide. The YouTube video that I mentioned earlier alone has had almost 100,000 views, which goes to show that people really aren’t okay with what is happening to these animals being hidden. In 2002, PETA released the documentary ‘Meet Your Meat’ which so many people have regarded as responsible for their transition to a vegan diet. Toronto Pig Save takes it from watching the footage, to actually seeing these animals, face to face. For this reason, I think Toronto Pig Save has the power to encourage people to make the connection between the food we eat, and the animals that we are so used to seeing in pretty pictures, and in turn to adopt a vegan lifestyle that doesn’t condone and pay for this treatment of animals.


Toronto Pig Save holds frequent vigils throughout the year which anybody can join, including some lasting for 24 hours. I was able to speak to animal activist and vegan lifestyle blogger for her own educational website and YouTube Channel, Emily Moran Barwick, also known as Bite Size Vegan. Emily will be bearing witness with Toronto Pig Save for the first time on 24th September at an all day pig, cow and chicken save. Here’s what she had to say about it:


How did you find out about Toronto Pig Save?

I’d heard the name here and there but then James from Toronto Pig Save reached out to me about potentially featuring them on my channel about some of the vigils they were doing, and I thought that it was incredibly valuable. I had seen the video of their’s online where they were giving water to pigs on their way to slaughter. That might have been my first actual exposure to them, and it was heartbreaking and incredibly important.

Will the vigil you’re attending on September 24th be your first ever one?

It will be my first one with Toronto Pig Save, and my first one of this nature. I’ve been around animal agriculture and these places of death, but never in an organised manner…if that makes any sense!

Obviously bearing witness to these pigs as they make their journey to slaughter will be highly emotional, how do you plan on getting through it?

Well I always say in my head, because watching these things is horrific and difficult but for me, I try to look at what the animals are going through. My own discomfort is nothing compared to what they’re going through. This is what I think of with graphic footage as well – if they have to live through that, and die by that, the very least I can do is watch and bear witness to what they’re going through, and try to bring an iota of comfort to them. It’s not about me, it’s not about us and how sad it makes us; it’s about them. They’re the ones who are having to go through this, and they’re the ones that are going to die at the end of the day, so my emotional comfort is really of little relevance.

Do you think that organisations such as Toronto Pig Save have the power to encourage people to go vegan?

I think they can. I think any action that draws attention to what the animals are going through has great value. I don’t know exactly how people are grabbed or engaged by it, but I think it’s an important action.

Finally, what inspired you personally to go vegan?

I don’t know, because I was four when I started to refuse meat. I think its always been inherently within me, its just never made sense to me to hurt, consume or do any of that to animals. Honestly, I never understood why other people seemed to go through life as if nothing was wrong. Even as a child I sensed that something was horribly, horribly wrong with the way that we live and I was just baffled that everyone just went about their day when we’re living in a horror movie. So at the core of it, the animals were always my reason.

Keep up to date with Toronto Pig Save, who also work with sister organisations in Ontario Toronto Cow Save and Toronto Chicken Save, on Facebook and Twitter on all the amazing work they’re doing. Let’s hope that important vigils such as these will take place all over the world so more people can bear witness to these animals on their final journey.